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  • Truck #2 and you did it again!!!! Truck sold, Dually coming Saturday. Thank you Glenn Roseman, you are Da BOMB and we will NEVER buy another vehicle from anyone but you! We got a Dually!!!! We got a Dually!!!!

    Posted By: Matt and Andria Bradac Email:

  • We bought a 2004 Denali from Danny in 09 and the service was outstanding. We then returned in 2011 to trade in the Denali for a more fuel efficient vehicle. We asked for Danny once again and he helped us pick out an 2008 Mercedes and battled for us to keep the payments where we needed them. I am happy to say that both times we were treated very well and plan on making our next purchase here with Danny.

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  • Over the years I have purchased a lot cars from a lot of dealerships. By chance I stopped by Certified Benz & Beemer one day just to look around. They treated me so well that yes...I purchased a beautiful range rover from them that I love!!! There is no doubt, that I will purchase my next car from CB&B!!! In addition, anytime I bring the car in for servicing they go the extra mile to make sure that everything is perfect before getting it back to me. I now take my second car to CB&B for servicing as well...those guys are good! Check them out... Sincerely, Charles N.

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  • We recently purchased our Audi at Benz and Beemer. We were quickly helped on the lot in a way did not make us feel that we were being haggled or taken advantage of. Alex was terrific and tried to work with all of our requests. What really made us feel better about the sale was the ten day no questions asked return policy. This really made us feel that we could get the car checked out on our own time making our decision a less hasty one. Benz and Beemer made the process of buying a car a pleasant experience. One thing that we normally dread. Thank you Alex for a terrific job.

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  • I just purchased a used car from Danny. He was one of the nicest sales people I have worked with at a car dealership. Everyone there seemed honest and really truly cares about customer service. Not once did I feel being pushed to do anything. Great place! Love it.

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  • If anyone is looking for a great place to buy a car and have a great sales person to deal with who will tell you like it is and not give you the run around you need to go to Certified Benz and talk to J.P. I drove 2 hrs from Tucson to Mesa and it was well worth the trip. J.P advised me if there was anything wrong with the used car I bought they would make sure everything was certified and guaranteed before I pulled out of the dealership. I ended up realizing there was a minor issue with the front end of the truck after 3 weeks of owning the vehicle. I contacted J.P and explained the problem and he ensured me it will be taken care of. I brought the vehicle back to Certified benz and J.P 's word was as good as gold. Along with Frank Pena finance Manger. they made sure the issue was fixed at there expense and made me a loyal customer from that day out. I will recommend Certified Benz to anyone who is thinking of getting a used or new car. Make sure you ask for J.P you wont be disappointed.

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  • Certified benz and beemers is a great place to shop for a great luxury car. I live in Virgina and the dealership is in Arizona kind of scared to do right.This is where the car was that I wanted, so I went online and fill out the info for a return call,my husband and I got a call back from Glen the salesman.Glen work with us at every point my husband and I had lots of questions for Glen, and I can tell you he answer them all.Glen made me feel like the car was in front of me,he will work to make you happy. I am now the proud owner of a S550.Glen and I had 3hous time difference but he manage to put a smile on my face every time we talked. Certified benz and beemers is the place to go and ask for Glen he is a great salesman.The interesting thing is I can't tell you what he looks like or even what the building looks like but,truly I felt as if I was their and met Glen in person. WOW! thanks so much! ~~~I will look fabulous in my new car~~~ Certified benz and beemer I'm a happy customer a special thanks to Glen he represented the company very well.

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  • Working with Glenn and Nick, I purchased a pre-owned vehicle from out of state from this dealership. It is a rather rare car (Mercedes S55 AMG), and I had to expand my search from California to find one in good condition in the color combination I wanted. The car I purchased is in excellent, showroom like condition. Everything was as advertised and represented, and they've been working with me to resolve a couple of minor--and in the scheme of things, I do mean minor--issues I had. I've purchased quite a few vehicles from dealers in California and elsewhere. This, by far, was my best experience. I'll update this review if anything changes, and I don't expect it to, but I am very particular about my cars and you can feel confident buying from this dealership, whether you live in Arizona or out of state.

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  • I had a great experience with Benz and Beemer. I was looking for a very specific car with certain options and was able to find it with Benz and Beemer, however I live in Boston. They were great to deal with and made purchasing my 2002 CLK 430 and shipping it across the country easy and worry free. The car is in amazing shape and everything was very accurately described in their online posting. I would not hesitate to do business with them again.

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  • I had an exceptional experience with Certified Benz & Beemer. They are knowledgeable, kind, and assisted me through every step of the the buying experience. Everyone involved with my purchase from all departments I can not find enough kind adjectives to even begin to describe how great they were.... When Kim Shroyer approached me it took me all but 2 seconds to realize that I chose the right place to buy my Mercedes. I would highly recommend this dealership, they made buying my new car a very special memory for years to come.... and I walked out loving my new car and knowing that not only did I get the best price possible, but also had a genuine appreciation for all the effort they put in to making this transaction on a sincerely kind and genuine level.

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  • I have purchased two luxury SUV's from Jean-Pierre. He has provided me with exceptional service each time..especially when I made a purchase while I was in Iraq. He has gained my continued trust and respect when buying a used luxury vehicle. I have referred JP's name solely for those out there looking for a great ride! JP has taken all the worry out of used car buying and they are always willing to make any needed repairs before driving it off the lot. Thanks JP!

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  • This was probably the most pleasant car buying experience I've had in almost 35 years of buying cars. Jeff helped my girlfriend, find the right vehicle and stayed patient with her as there was a bit of a language barrier for the 3 of us. Jeff is the kind of salesperson who will keep folks coming back to this dealership. He didn't pressure her into anything, didn't ring our phone off the hooks as we negotiated to the right price, and overall he just made the whole experience easy. I'll be back to do business at Certified Benz & Beemers, and will recommend this dealership to anyone interested in high-end certified used cars.Thanks again,Trace McClenahan

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  • I was referred to Benz and Beemer by a friend because of their great customer service and willingness to work out a good deal on a vehicle. I was very pleased with the service that I received from Mathew. Although I could not afford the car that I initially went to this dealership to look at, Matthew called me each time a vehicle came in that he thought I would be interested in. I have since purchased a Nissan Xterra from him and I am very happy with it. I will recommend Benz and Beemer to anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle. P. Balderree

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  • I initially contacted the dealership about a car that i saw on their website. I spoke to Bob who was very friendly and helped through the whole process. The car was out for repair so i couldn't test drive it right away, but from the pictures on their website it was something my wife and i definitely wanted. Bob was very helpful in getting the process started and Frank did a great job getting us financed with no hassle what so ever. I would have to say this was the easiest, smoothest, and professional car deal that i have encountered. There was never any pressure to buy the car, customer service was excellent, and they did a great job making sure the car was in near perfect condition when we were ready to take it home. They had the sunroof fixed, put on new tires, detailed it from top to bottom, and made the signing process stress free. I would recommend this dealership to anyone and i would definitely buy a car from them again. Bob is an excellent salesman, but treats you like a friend. We love the car (2005 Freelander) and are going to purchase an extended warranty as well. They even tinted the windows. Thanks to everyone at CBB!!!

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  • Working with Kim and Certified Benz and Beemer was the best car buying experience I've ever had. Kim was excellent to work with. I found him to be very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The sale went very smoothly. In the past it has taken me the better part of a day to purchase a vehicle, which is very stressful. With your dealership I got exactly what I wanted in a timely manner. Thanks for everything.

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  • Excellent experience, negotiating went as expected, paid cash but they seem to have good financing options too. Everyone is very professional. Inventory seems to be high quality mostly from local dealers not auctions. They also offered a service credit by email later which I used on another car -- very satisfied with the service done.

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  • I was looking for a BMW that was good looking and in great shape. I walked in to Certified not expecting to purchase a car or even think about a price. I was greeted by a friendly, passionate, knowledgable salesman named Trevor. From the beginning I could tell I was in good hands. He was happy to show me the great selection of great looking cars. I finally decided to test drive a 2008 BMW 335, and instantly fell in love. The car was in amazing shape and went through a 250 point inspection. I truly felt Trevor was extremely helpful in getting me the best numbers available to me. I left the dealership feeling extremely happy with my service and my purchase. I would recommend Trevor and Certified to anyone looking for a positive experience in looking for a great car! Thanks again Trevor!

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  • Everyone at the dealership was very friendly and helpful. Matthew was always available to us, even on his day off. He was knowledgeable as to what was for sale in our scope of vehicle and worked hard to get us the car we wanted as quickly as possible.

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  • The customer service was outstanding. No pushy tactics, for the semi-informed buyer this was an amazingly painless experience. None of that "Oh let me get my manager for a better deal good cop bad cop stuff". I didnt have to talk to 5 people beggin a commitment on anything. My credit was certainly none to be desired. With late payments on credit cards, and even a motorcycle repo due to a job loss on my record, Frank and Daniel were still able to get me into a sharp almost new BMW, while treating me with the respect and courtesy most cash buyers would be lucky to get. I'm sure my credit score was in the low to high 400 range if Im lucky. But they looked past current issues, and examined the my personal big picture. They saw I never missed a payment on my previous BMW for 3 years straight and took that into account when others didnt care. I just paid off a $1500+ credit card to eliminate ALL my credit card debt. Now credit debt free. I did this with my tax return in an effort to improve my credit standing. They saw my character, most would have gone shopping, but they took note of the responsible nature by my actions and didnt turn me down because I missed payments on past things due to a lay off situation. I believe this and many other factors encouraged Frank and Daniel to fight the lenders as hard as they did to get the amazing deal they did considering the negatives on my credit history. Frank didnt have to do this, and barely made $500+ profit on the sale. But he knows he has a long time customer now, and a new personal IT consultant on speed dial! Things arent just yes and no with these guys. Its the how's, why's, and let me see what I can do to get it done right. All this took less than 3 stress free days. I had to put a little more down than I hoped, but hey thats my fault not their's. But then they even worked with the down payment. Letting me put 2k cash on the spot and spread the remainder over an entire month! AND extended my first payment out 45 days! I have purchased 2 BMW's in the past with other Dealerships in the area, and they were just as awesome as North Scottsdale BMW. I thank these two gentleman for giving a hard worker a great oppurtunity to rebuild my credit with this awesome car. I'm not being paid for this compliment and letter, yet I took this time out of my day to show my appreciation. That should say something in this day and age. Thanks Frank and Daniel! Sincerly, Grailyn Avant I.T Informatics Systems Sr. Engineer

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  • I called to see if i could qualify to purchase a BMW M3 that i saw on line... and for once, i found someone who just told me like it is. I already knew my credit score and the challenges that may exist. I explained that i didn't want to waste my time or theirs, so if the score i had was too low then lets move on. Usually car companies say they can help anyone and just pull your score to tell you "sorry but we cant help"... This experience was different! I received a call back within an hour then another call to discuss possibilities. Everything was up front. No games! Frank Pena gave me answers and solid information on what i needed to do to get a vehicle. I didn't purchase a vehicle today but i will be purchasing one at this dealership in the near future! Thanks Frank.

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  • I can't say enough about the way I was treated by my salesperson Jeff. He made the experience fun, easy and I got a great deal! As a female entering a dealership can be very intimidating and he made me feel comfortable. Inventory and appearance of the vehicles was excellent. Great selection.

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  • this is a dealer that my relative went to for a bmw. We liked the high quality of vehicles they have there. They do not sell junk high end cars like some other Phoenix dealers do. We got a good deal and love the car. I also liked the 3 month warranty they offer on the vehicle. would recommend to anybody!

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  • From the moment I arrived at the dealership Kim greeted me on the lot and was able to locate the car I was looking for. The staff at Benz & Beemer were very helpful and courteous. The financing of the car was quick and easy. I highly recommend Benz & Beemer to anyone looking to purchase a car.

    Posted By: Biloxi Email: 0

  • The Dealership communicated frequently, informing me of every step in the purchase of a used 2007 GMC Sierra. Upon arrival in California, the vehicle required a few minor repairs that were not apparent during the original vehicle inspection. The dealership paid for those repairs with no questions asked....I recommend this dealership for anyone looking to purchase a used or new vehicle.

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  • I just bought my 2nd Great Car from Certified Benz and Beemer. I Love Both Cars I bought. I will always shop here again every time I purchase a Car!!!! You are the Best- Keep Doing What You Are Doing!! I will send all my clients to you, because I know they will get Great Cars at a Great Price. Thanks so much- Lin Koester- Camp Verde Arizona

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  • The car is well prepared and was fairly represented on the website, and was actually there when we went to look unlike most other dealers. People are very easy to deal with. They have offered to touch up some things after the sale which is very good of them.

    Posted By: Jon Laut Email: 0

  • We purchased a used BMW 325 from these guys 2 years ago. The car is great and the service has been outstanding. All the service guys are great but Brian in particular has gone above and beyond for us. We now take all 4 of our cars there for service because they are honest and reasonably priced. We will definitely purchase another car from them in the next year and will continue using them for maintenance. Even though there is a dealership right up the street we could use, we choose to use Certified Benz and Beemer, which is 30 minutes away. Thanks Guys!

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  • Danny made my car buying experiance very good. After buying my Corvette if there comes a time where i think about trading it in on a new Corvette.I KNOW WHO TO CALL. So Danny if a REALLY good deal comes up make sure you give me a Call. Sincerely, Thomas Klee

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  • glen roseman was very professional and friendly and used no high pressure tactics to sell us a used car. he helped us in any way possible and any issues we had he made sure they were resolved. we had a pleasant buying experience and when we need another car would not hesitate to return to this dealership. thanks again glen!! doug & jean steffen

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  • Great experience. There was no price haggling or useless over priced upgrade pressure. This was the most stress free car buying experience ever! I was concerned about the battery and I was furnished with a new battery without question. I requested a navigation disc and Ryan even called 3-days later to inform me that it has been ordered. I will definitely recommend Benz/Beemer to my colleagues.

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  • When I realized I could use a different car for my commute to work anxiety set in immediately as the stereo type of high pressure car salesman trying to sell me an overpriced car came to mind. Jeff however was amazing from the start, he had a talent to quickly understand exactly what I was looking for. He lead me to a car at a very good deal and encouraged me to consider a car I wasn't considering before as he used to own the very car and said it was one of the best cars he ever owned. After driving this car I knew immediately Jeff had my interest in mind. As a health care professional I really appreciated Jeffs ability to immediately lower my anxiety with his sincerity, his ability to listen, and his expressed interest to help me which is exactly what I have been trained to do with patients making Jeff a real professional in my book. I couldn't be happier with my benz and I have Jeff to thank. When friends and family ask my advice about car shopping I am confident they will be taken good care of when I send them to Jeff.

    Posted By: f andke Email: 0

  • My Wife and I came into Certified Benz & Beamer and had one of the easiest buying experiences we've ever had on a car. The salesman, J.P., was very informative on the selection of vehicles. He helped us weigh out the pros & cons of our purchase and was very pleasant to work with. I wouldn't have a problem recommending

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  • I recently bought a BMW Z4 from this dealership. The experience was great. Matt and the rest of the staff were very personable and friendly and made the transaction smooth and easy. The staff wasn't pushy at all, but worked hard to make sure that I was completely satisfied when I left. I arrived at the dealership with only the intention to test-drive, and left with a car that I love.

    Posted By: sekchiefsfan Email: 0

  • We were treated with courtesy and respect. Danny went out of his way to show us any and all vehicles we were interested in seeing. Straight forward and honest. Everyone we dealt with was pleasant and made our experience fun. We would recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking to be shown what real customer service is supposed to feel like. Frank was super pleasant, great to work with on finances. No pressure or hard sells. Super Great team. As for the Lexus, outstanding in the care they took with the car and cleanliness were some of the best I've seen. We couldn't be happier with the whole process of buying an automobile from these guys.

    Posted By: Mardelle Email: 0

  • I recently purchased a 328i from Certified Benz and Beemer. The car was in incredible shape, and drove smoothly. I was able to negotiate all my terms with the dealer without hassle, and they made the buying process extremely easy. Mathew was a perfect sales man, he had knowledge of BMW's, and never pressured me in any way. I felt comfortable talking with him and even felt as if he was an old friend after awhile. The Manager of the dealer went so far as to help me secure a car loan, even though I am a Canadian without any American credit. I will definitely be coming back to them to purchase a second car for my wife soon! Thank you CBB!!

    Posted By: Dana Y Email: 0

  • Matthew was a pleasure to work with, very knowledgable, prompt with is follow up and took a honest no pressure approach with me during the entire process. Actually met the Owner, GM, and sales manger as well....all very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend giving this dealership an opportunity to earn your business.

    Posted By: Wiley S Email: 0

  • I am a very picky but very satisfied customer. JP was very friendly and helpful. They worked hard and got me the car I wanted for a great price and also gave me great advice on helping to improve my credit situation. The whole staff was helpful including the general manager and finance department. I would recommend Benz and Beemer and JP to anyone looking for a great car and great help! :)

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  • Was very pleased with the service and sense of "no pressure" from the salesmen. I had seen the car I wanted on the internet, went in, took it for a test drive and bought it. Professional attitude, great service, and even a 3 month warranty on a used car. J.P. was very pleasant to work with and was one of the reasons I bought there. Thanks CB&B!

    Posted By: mike chappell Email: 0

  • The salesman means almost everything to me. Mr. Bromberger is first-rate. He does not pressure. He is knowledgeable. He is very personable. He is honest.He is a very hard WORKER. He does what he says he is going to do.The dealer found the car that I wanted. Therefore, I did not "haggle" on the price. I probably paid a little more than I should have paid, but did not force that issue because of the service I received. I will likely buy my next used car from this dealer and will recommend the dealer to friends and relatives.

    Posted By: rbjsolution Email: 0

  • Very easy to work with and met all our expectations, price was good, salesman was great, they made everything easy and effortless which is normally not the case with dealerships. I would go back to them anytime. Glenn was great, would highly recommend Benz and Beemer to anyone!!!

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  • I am amazed by the level of professionalism and customer service that I received while buying my new car. From the moment I walked in JP made me feel like I was re most important customer in the dealership. He wasn't pushy and answered all of my questions honestly. He's likely the best sales guy I have ever encountered. He is the primary reason I decided to buy my new BMW at Certified Benz and Beemer. The professionalism and respect didn't end at the finance door either! Chris had all the answers! He worked out a great deal on my financing and actually lowered my interest rate from my previous loan. Put everything together and it's an equation for success. I will never buy a vehicle anywhere else! Thanks CBB!

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  • Get to know about this company thru website. First impression with Benz and Beemer was friendly employees and organized environment. Our salesperson, Ryan Morgan demonstrates his friendliness and professionalism during the sales session. Even after the deal was closed, the after-sales service I received was excellent. He's often contactable whenever I have queries on the Cadillac SRX I bought from his company. Would recommend 'Certified Benz and Beemer' and Ryan to everyone I know.

    Posted By: mavis chew Email: 0

  • Verdaderamente estoy muy complacida con la atencion que recibi de Ryan. Primeramente, me senti muy comoda puesto que me pude comunicar en mi idioma (espanol), ademas de ser una persona muy amable, paciente y confiable. Estas cualidades hoy en dia es dificil de encontrar en este mercado, es por eso que les recomiendo comprar de el.

    Posted By: Ruby Email: 0

  • bought my 1st vehicle there was a real pleasure experience,would recommend jp to anybody thats looking,the selection is great,the cars are clean,the service was great,waited on me in a timely matter and it didn't take all day to buy a car,the financing was excellent also.

    Posted By: bob and julie Email: 0

  • J.P. answered the phone when I called, and the next thing I knew, I was getting a good deal on the car of my dreams!!! The process was quick and there wasn't any BS like I experienced at other dealerships. He's straight, to the point, and called me the next day to make sure I was happy.

    Posted By: CGIExpert Email: 0

  • JP and Ryan were great. I bought a higher mile car and was nervous at first about the purchase. After a few weeks, the car started to have issues, but they stood behind their claims and repaired the car at no cost to me. Ryan even went about 40 miles out of his way taking mr home one night as I left the car to be worked on. That's great customer service!

    Posted By: Mrbigdaddy Email: 0

  • JP made me feel comfortable, was courteous, helpful and polite. I am very happy with the SUV I bought from them. The service after the sale was excellent as well. I'd highly recommend Certified Benz and Beemer to anyone interested in buying a certified used car.

    Posted By: GL07 Email: 0

  • They were a solid dealership, with good deals and good attention to detail. We got a great deal, which we were very grateful for. But once the deal was sealed we felt there was a lack of customer service (we were waiting for some tires to be put on the vehicle), and a little bit of a lack of communication. But overall, it is a good family-owned dealership that you can sense takes pride in their product and customer service. We would return in the future.

    Posted By: tara fair Email: 0

  • Matt was very knowledgeable about the car I purchased. I spoke to the manager and we compared prices from many competitors and they were willing to work with me on the price of the car. The entire staff was very friendly throughout the entire purchasing process. They also honored their IOU without ANY problems.

    Posted By: Anthony Email: 0

  • I knew exactly what car I wanted when I went there last Saturday. I had been eyeing this C350 for about a month and even went on their web site to see more about it. On that Saturday I met Jeff and he was so friendly and knowledgeable about Mercedes that it was so easy to talk with him and go through the process of buying this car. It seriously was painless and everyone that works there was so friendly. I have purchased many cars and its not very fun. But I highly recommend this dealership because they really don't act like the typical "Car Salesmen". It was a great experience. Thanks Jeff!!!! Oh and "I LOVE MY CAR!" Juls.

    Posted By: julie yancy Email: 0

  • Certified Benz and Beemer has been the best experience I have ever had buying cars. They worked with me and gave me the best price on a vehicle within a 1000 mile radius. Everybody was extremely friendly and customer service was outstanding. My sales associate Jeff was real helpful and made this my best car buying experience. I will definitely be referring friends and family who need to buy a vehicle.

    Posted By: kellyjns20 Email: 0

  • Everyone at the dealership was very friendly and approachable. Steve Sisson actually helped me with my purchase and he really knows his cars. He shared a lot of helpful information with me which helped me finally decide on a vehicle. He was patient and answered all of my questions. When I arrived, I had explained that I didn't want to be there for a long time because I was on a tight schedule; he kept that in mind throughout the process. I am very pleased with the service I received and I love my car! Thanks Steve!

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  • I had been looking for a quality vehicle for a reasonable price for months. Glenn and Frank the sales manager were able to get me qualified for a great vehicle with less money down and a lower interest rate than any other dealer in town. I filed bankruptcy a year ago and they were still able to get me qualified with 30% down. Every other dealer I met with required 50% down.

    Posted By: mayday52 Email: 0

  • All of the sales staff were friendly and helpful. Everyone seemed eager to help me as soon as I walked in the door. My salesman Glenn Roseman made it an enjoyable car buying experience. He made me feel comfortable and appreciated my business. Overall I enjoyed working with Certified Benz & Beemer.

    Posted By: zb3 Email: 0

  • I have had a great experience with Certified Benz & Beemer. My salesman J.P. Is the best. Very helpful and knows his cars. He got me an awesome deal on a Mercedes Benz that I thought I would never be able to afford! I absolutely LOVE my car. There service dept. Is also Tops. Jeff the manager can't be beat. I will be doing all my business with J.P and Certified Benz for many years to come. I would highly recommend them and J.P. to anyone looking for a quality, well maintained beautiful new car!!!

    Posted By: bridgit123 Email: 0

  • Working with Glenn and Nick, I purchased a pre-owned vehicle from out of state from this dealership. It is a very rare car, and had to expand my search from California to find one in good condition in the color combination I wanted. The car I purchased is in excellent, showroom like condition. Everything was as advertised and represented, and they've been working with me to resolve a couple of minor--and in the scheme of things, I do mean minor--issues I had. I'll update this review if anything changes, and I don't expect it will, but I am very particular about my cars and you can feel confident buying from this dealership, whether you live in Arizona or out of state.

    Posted By: George Email:

  • I had a great experience with Benz and Beemer. I was looking for a very specific car with certain options and was able to find it with Benz and Beemer, however I live in Boston. They were great to deal with and made purchasing my 2002 CLK 430 and shipping it across the country easy and worry free. The car is in amazing shape and everything was very accurately described in their online posting. I would not hesitate to do business with them again. Thank you.

    Posted By: Nathan Whyland Email:

  • I purchased a 2007 RX350 and Kim and Frank were very helpful and professional in handling the entire purchase process. Chris went out of his way to secure the best financing for my Lexus. This car dealership knows how to treat there customers. I highly recommend them.

    Posted By: Fred Dean Email:

  • Danny Quintana was outstanding! He answered all my questions and was very courteous and helpful. It was like night and day from my usual trips to the dealership. I would recommend seeing Danny to anyone looking for a quality car buying experience.

    Posted By: JT Heet Email:

  • A very positive experience for myself, dealing with friendly and professional sales personnel made the whole experience comfortable. I would definitely recommend this dealership to friends and family and would also feel very comfortable about coming back again for my next purchase.

    Posted By: suzdav01 Email: 0

  • Matt was very informative and seem to know the product very well. My wife and i were just passing by for a quick look but this did not bother Matt at all. He continued to be more than helpful. When it came to finance Matt put us in the capable hands of Lee Grubbs. We did buy an X5 from Matt that day and had the best car buying experience ever!

    Posted By: sbwdcochran Email: 0

  • This dealership happen to have the vehicle I wanted at a reasonable price. Negotiations were smooth and friendly. A satisfactory experience. I especially liked when they allowed me to preview the vehicle for twenty-four hours. This gave me an extended, un-pressured time to check out the car.

    Posted By: theadmiral Email: 0

  • This was my first time looking to get a car and the service provided by Danny Quintana was outstanding! He did everything possible to put me in the car that I wanted. The service was awesome and Danny was more than willing to pull all the strings he could to get me the best deal possible. I would recommend seeing Danny to anyone looking to buy a quality car from Benz & Beemer.

    Posted By: Sean Ford Email:

  • This Letter is to Danny Quintana thank u so much for u help u did a great job. you helped me to get the right car and the best price. Benz / Beemer..

    Posted By: adan reyes Email:

  • Moved to Arizona in November from the east and was looking for a used car dealer. I was pleasantly surprised how helpful my salesman J P Hobson was in completing this transaction. J P Hobson made us feel comfortable in dealing with this dealer. We felt that there price on the BMW was better than most dealers around. Looking forward to buying again in the future and working with J P Hobson. Highly recommend Certified Benz & Beemer for great used cars.

    Posted By: John Jr Email: 0

  • BY FAR the best experience buying a car thus far.Matthew went above and beyond to make the usually grueling task of purchasing a vehicle as easy as possible. Not only did he bring the BMW 528i out to my home, his knowledge of the vehicle proved far superior than that of his colleagues at the BMW dealerships.After the disappointment of dealing with the run-of-the mill, stereotypical car salesmen at different dealerships; I highly recommend Matthew and this dealership to everyone! Low pressure, good value and friendliness make Certified Benz and Beemer my choice for future car purchases.

    Posted By: J Geil Email: 0

  • I arrived at the dealership 15 minutes after they closed on 12/31, there wasn't a single rolled eye at the late arrival and both Frank and Danny were very patient and accommodating as we worked through the details of the purchase. A very comfortable no pressure environment where a fair priced was offered for both the car I purchased as well as my trade-in. I took the car to my mechanic for a once over, he said he won't see me very often with this gem. I need a CBB in the West Valley!

    Posted By: seane Email: 0

  • Matthew was exceptional, very informative and very cordial. All sales people should be like him

    Posted By: G Churchfielf Email: 0

  • I thought the team is very professional and accomadating. I have bought many cars and dealt with many dealers and salesman. These guys are the best I have ever encountered..................................................................................

    Posted By: p7088v1 Email: 0

  • I located a vehicle online, contacted the dealer, I received a call promptly from the internet sales representative. I discussed my intentions with Glenn Roseman on a used car purchase with trade in. I came in the following afternoon and the deal went smoothly, it was very pleasurable to work with Glenn and his manager Frank. I strongly recommend that if you are in the market for a pre-owned vehicle that you give Certified Benz and Beemer an opportunity to help you find what you are looking for.

    Posted By: fastgascar Email: 0

  • I would strongly recommend "CBB" to anyone both from both a car sale standpoint as well as servicing your automobile!!! Their pricing is extremely competitive in the auto industry and I found the service to be exceptional. Without question, I can say that I will definitely purchase my next car and the next one etc, from "CBB"... Sincerely, Charles Newman

    Posted By: Charles Newman Email: 0

  • One of the best experiences I have had at any dealership. The salesman was friendly and knowledgeable, the finance manager was friendly and I was offered, but not pressured into taking, the extended warranty. I filled out an online credit application and the next day drove down to see the car. Slightly over an hour later, I was driving away with the new car. I feel I was given a fair price on the new car and was definitely given a fair price on the trade-in. I will be back the next time I need a new car.

    Posted By: jc777 Email: 0

  • I bought my BMW Convertible at Certified Benz & Beemer and also bring the said vehicle for service. I am very pleased to say that I would in deed buy my next vehicle from this dealership and also they will service my vehicle as long as I drive a BMW or Benz which ever comes next. It isn't a hard choice for me as I have had nothing but great experiences since I have been dealing with Certified Benz & Beemer. I would recommend this dealership to anyone in the market of buying luxury cars and even if you weren't wanting to buy - I would at least say go see you never know... Great place!!!

    Posted By: Thisjos4u Email: 0

  • I was very please with the attention and treatment since I got in to the dealer, Did not felt pressure and they were very helpful about making sure I was buying the right car for me. I will recommend it to all my friends Thank you Matthew. Roberto Plascencia in Tucson

    Posted By: Roberto Plascencia Email: 0

  • So far i had a wonderful experience at this dealership... it is what it is and nothing more. I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone. Everyone returned my calls and kept me in the loop even after the vehicle purchase. I am looking forward to shop again with you guys! Thanks a bunch guys and Maggie too!

    Posted By: charlie22 Email: 0

  • Was looking for a BMW for my wife and found one online at CBB...Worked with Glenn found a great car at a great price. He explained everything in detail for me all the bells and whistles on the car.Everyone was friendly and made my time there enjoyable..Will tell others..Thanks again Glenn

    Posted By: tudall Email: 0

  • I had the pleasure of working with Frank Pena the general manager, Trevor as my main salesman ,Thomas and Chris from the finance department. First huge thanks goes to Frank for making it all happen, second for Trevor who was very patient with my daughter and myself he worked with us for hours until we finally decided which car she wanted, the finance department Thomas for being quick with all the paperwork and finally to Chris for making it happen even with a big X on my credit report he pulled it off I know he went the extra effort into making the deal go through and I will be ever grateful for that. Thank You again to the team of Certified Beens and Beemers you will always get my business and I will be happy to send my friends to you!!!

    Posted By: cmeridith Email: 0

  • I had a very positive experience with Ryan. He is an easy going knowledgeable salesman and was able to answer all my questions. I didn't feel pushed in any way and appreciate he's willingness to let me test drive multiple vehicles in search of the right car for me.

    Posted By: MicahAMG Email: 0

  • Ryan was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable & patient as I test drove and decided on the car I liked best. He is warm & friendly and it makes what can be a tense process, goes smoothly. At time of delivery he made sure every detail was taken care of.

    Posted By: sholberg Email: 0

  • Had a great experience. I was in and out. I found the right car on their easy to use website and when I arrived I was helped by Glen and then Danny. Danny helped me and was very friendly and helpful. Chris was helpful as well. They didn't pressure me at all and I got the price I wanted and the car it great. Great job, I'll be sure and recommend this dealership to others.

    Posted By: tm90000 Email: 0

  • It's rare in business to find a salesperson who truly listens to your desires and finds the best solution for YOU, as most sales people are inclined to find a solution for you that is best for THEM. Danny Quintana, your level of service was only out done by your sincerity. What a pleasant experience it was to work with you. Thank You, Todd D.

    Posted By: Todd Delano Email:

  • We purchased our vehicle from Danny Quintana at CBB and had a great experience. We arrived one day and viewed a couple cars and had lots of information with no pressure to purchase. We came back the second day to test drive the car we eventually purchased and Danny was very cooperative. We feel we received excellent customer service and Danny went over and above our expectations.

    Posted By: Collin Blonarowitz Email:

  • Have to say that this was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I hate buying cars but Ryan made it so pleasant and easy. He totally went out of his way for my wife and I. On top of that they have an amazing selection with very good prices. They also gave me a very good deal on my trades... If you are looking for a car I would HIGHLY recommend speaking to Ryan. We will certainly get out next car from him...Certified Benz & Beemer is top notch.

    Posted By: Sgeiger Email: 0

  • Hey guys....just wanted to check in and offer my kudos for what you do over there at CB&B. I had a fantastic buying experience on Tuesday evening with Danny Quintana and the team. We made a deal on our car late...into closing - and everybody was great. Knowledgeable and friendly staff...quick hassle. Straight forward, relaxed, and not pushy in any way. And, I'm thrilled with the SUV I purchased. In a business segment where 'tactics' have a bad reputation, you guys are a breath of fresh air. Way to go. Keep up the good work. I would (and will) definitely recommend you to friends. Thank you.

    Posted By: Matthew Terry Email: 0

  • The 2002 CL500 I bought was well prepared and the few items needing attention were fixed quickly. The saleman and the Service Manager have been so helpful and absolutely polite. I've been buying cars for 50 years and HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED BETTER. They honored their warranty without any question whatsoever. It was such a pleasure buying a used car from these folks; I simply can't believe it. The car, a Mercedes-Benz, while already a super car in its own right, was made even better by being prepped well and then sold correctly. The very complete web site totally enabled me to carefully evaluate the car before even showing up. By the way, this is just the way I market my own business. Every client of mine gets a bound book detailing what I offer; Benz and Beemers did the same thing. I know this sounds like I've been bribed to say all these nice things but I run my legal consulting business exactly the same way and is why I'm very successful in a down economy.

    Posted By: Dave Email: 0

  • I've been going to the dealer since I bought my BMW 530i and I stopped in to get a and tail lamp fix and asked if they would have time to do and oil change and Bryan got me right In and good thing they found that engine belt was about to break. They were able to get it done while I waited and at a great price. Thanks again A +

    Posted By: BBCBill Email: 0

  • My overall experience was great as a direct result of the friendliness given from Thomas Schneider. He greeted my family with a warm and welcoming smile. We all felt comfortable with his clear explanation of recommendations for added security measures, his knowledge of what to expect in paperwork and his efficiency in getting us in our wonderfully clean reliable truck was extraordinary. Plus my daughters thought Mr. Schneider was chamingly cute.

    Posted By: GJ Sanchez Email: 0

  • Ryan came through on all of his commitments to me. His car was as promised and the entire deal was done over the phone with no pre-inspections. The car was a Ford GT. It had multiple pictures taken are all of them were straight up correct. The dealership ship the car same day and it showed up when it was suppose to have shown up.

    Posted By: R Hedge Email: 0

  • I live in Scottsdale,AZ and got 2 cars this year from Ryan Morgan at Certified Benz & Beemer(Mesa,AZ) AND for sure will be coming back! I would recommend Ryan Morgan based on my experience that I received to all my friends-in fact I just did - well worse driving - in fact I actually saved a lot of my time by working with Ryan at Certified Benz & Beemer! :) Thank you Ryan! Zhanna (happy buyer:)

    Posted By: Zhanna Email: 0

  • This is the 2nd BMW 330 convertible I've purchased from Certified Benz and Beemer, which alone tells you something about my opinion of this dealership. In both cases the vehicles were in excellent condition, up to date (and even a bit ahead) on all their maintenance and priced under the range shown on Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book and NADA for comparably equiped vehicles. The website is incredibly, delightfully thorough, providing the Carfax link, dozens of pictures and detailed information about the vehicle. Glenn was responsive when I emailed a question. The staff is extremely responsive to requests and the sales environment is low-pressure and transparent; Glenn had the vehicle I had emailed about ready when I arrived and was patient as I dithered, test-drove another car, and then negotiated the value of my trade. Never once did I feel that I had to make a deal right then, a welcome change from my experience at other dealerships. I also have my cars serviced there. The service staff is knowledgable, thorough, and honest; if I don't need something, can make use of a used/refurb part, or have a cheaper alternative Brian never hesitates to provide the option. They make sure the car is in perfect condition and spotless when you take it home, and then are happy to help you keep it that way for a reasonable price. All in all I can't imagine going anywhere else for a used BMW. I've bought two, and will go back without hesitation in the future.

    Posted By: misanthropic777 Email: 0

  • Lee and Trevor were so good to work with on this purchase, I've committed to purchase my next vehicle from them. The entire process was professional and top notch. Don't miss out working with these guys. They made the entire car buying experience so enjoyable, I didn't really want it to end.

    Posted By: Olsen Email: 0

  • My experience at Certified Benz and Beemer was a very positive one. The sales staff was very patient and helpfull. I never felt pressured or intimidated in dealing with the salesman. I was able to find the right car for me and the finace department was very friendly. The sales team even offered to follow me home with the new car. Overall I had a great experience at Certified Benz and Beemer.

    Posted By: S Barr Email: 0

  • Buying a car as a female can be very intimidating! I visited several other dealerships where i feel i was given the "run around" a little bit. I ended up at this dealership and these guys were so nice and helpful. THey made my first car buying experience great. They were honest when i bought my car, and have since been very helpful with any questions that i have had!

    Posted By: A210829 Email: 0

  • Glenn was an excellent sales person. We went back to the dealership probably 4-5 times before purchasing our vehicle and everytime Glenn greeted us with a smile and never rushed us. It was because of him that we kept returning to the dealership and ultimately purchased our BMW. I must say, the finance guy wasnt the friendliest in the world, but Glenn's fantastic attitude and politeness outweighed the rest. Also, this dealer does have beautiful vehicles. We were actually interested in a number of vehicles at this location; most of them fair prices. The next time we are in the market for a vehicle we will definitely be going back to purchase from Glenn at Certified Benz & Beemer.

    Posted By: Ford Email: @

  • I was very impressed and pleased with CBB. Glenn Roseman was very helpful and informative. I'm very happy with my CTS Cadillac. It was more than I expected from a used car. Everyone at CBB were pleasant and friendly. I would highly recommend CBB to anyone looking for a nice used car. Thanks CBB!

    Posted By: bespino Email: 0

  • I needed to replace a vehicle that was totaled in an accident. I had seen several cars on the Internet for sale by CBB so I stopped by to take a look. As I walked around the lot Marvin greeted me. We began to talk about why I was there. We then went on to talk about life in Arizona after finding out we both were transplants from Ohio and Indiana. The more Marvin and I talked I became more and more comfortable with him. We became like friends instead of salesman & customer. We did not talk about any cars in particular and there was absolutely no pressure to do so. I took a card from Marvin and left. About ten days later I was ready to purchase a car and remembered my experience with Marvin so I went back to CBB to look for him. He again greeted me like an old friend. We went to his office and began looking at cars on the CBB Internet site (BTW much better than walking the lot in 100+ degree heat.). We found a 2007 Acura TL in my price range and test drove it. It was love at first sight which I never do. All told after the test drive and my decision to buy, it took another 45 minutes and the car had been washed, gassed up and I was driving home. This level of customer service and no haggling sales experience is rare. To top it all off - I drove to CBB in a rental car - Marvin took care of getting my personal items out of it and got it back to the rental company for me. Everyone has their own experiences and stories to tell and my story concerning CBB and Marvin are as it has been explained and I'm sticking to it. I would buy from CBB and Marvin again. Thanks Marvin!

    Posted By: AAHAcura Email: 0

  • Was very impressed with the dealership and how I was treated by Danny and the other staff members. The service dept. has been very helpful as well and understanding. Your waiting area is clean and inviting. All staff members are easy to converse with and and shows they respect your business.

    Posted By: sinestr Email: 0

  • Great experience overall. They did the work on the car I purchase. The Service guy Brian is very knowlgeable. The sales manager Steven was pleasure to deal with.My salesperson Marvin was good. I would reccomend them.

    Posted By: perobusiness Email: 0

  • They were great and friendly. My interest dropped 4% then what they told me it could be. No hassle. I have bought 16 cars in the last 10 years and it was the easiest buying process. The price was already lower then competitors so didnt have to play games. Glen my salesperson was extremely helpful. After the purchase we notice some minor things wrong with the vehicle. They could of said The deal is done but they fixed the issues with no hassle. Great honest dealership!! Thats hard to find these days!

    Posted By: ltrspeedracer Email: 0

  • I purchased a 2006 C-6 Corvette from Benz and Beemer about a month ago. They were very fair and I believe I got a very good deal an would certainly recommend them to friends, family, etc. for consideration for the purchase of a new or used vehicle!The car had some minor issues that needed to be resolved. Thomas Schneider took full responsibility to ensure that everything on my check-list was taken care of.If Mr. Schneider's attention to customer service is representative of the rest of Benz and Beemer's staff I'll be bringing my vehicle back to them in the yaers to come.Thanks

    Posted By: Al Email: 0

  • We recently purchased a car from Benz and Beemer we were very pleased with the entire experience. No pressure at all, thanks folks. We love our by the way, we made a great deal. We will happily recommend this dealership to our friends and family. We have had some nightmare experiences with extremely high pressure dealerships, Liberty Buick was the worst. Thanks

    Posted By: briggs Email: 0

  • Honesty for a change a car salesman who gave us the facts and truth and history of the vehicle even though it was not to their advantage. Not pushy. Not high pressure sales. Truthful, honest. An unexpected pleasure buying a car.What a breath of fresh air.

    Posted By: sarah Email: 0

  • Employees were very helpful and courteous. If they didn't know the answer to a question they found it quickly from what ever sources they had available. They stayed with us through the entire buying process to ensure things went quickly and efficiently and that we were happy and well informed throughout the entire buying process. This was the fastest and best car buying experience I have ever had.

    Posted By: keith Email: 0

  • My wife an I had a great experience at Certified Benz and Beemer. Danny was very friendly and very helpful. Everyone of wonderful to our crazy kids. They were very willing to work with me and to make a deal we could all be happy with. I give them the rating that I did because they deserve it!

    Posted By: bklimke Email: 0

  • I love going car shopping. But I hate having to buy a car. All too often I feel as if I need to be on guard to make sure that nothing shifty was occurring at my ultimate expense. 9 out of 10 times the car buying experience leaves me very annoyed and usually angry. Being new to the Phoenix area I had no idea about any dealer’s reputation. I only went to this dealer as they had a vehicle that my wife and I were interested in. We got to the dealer 7:30PM Friday night and were driving home at 9:00PM in our new car. The purchasing of our car was painless. We were given a good offer on our trade and were provided a great price on our purchase. I enjoyed the experience so much that I am going back to them to find me a car that they do not have in their inventory as I would rather deal with this dealer rather than find the car I want at some other dealer. So far I am a happy customer.

    Posted By: krsmed Email: 0

  • It was one of my best experiences to buy a used car. I live in North Scottsdale and drove to Mesa on Sunday afternoon around 5:40. The dealer supposes to close by 6:00. I left there by 6:30 and owned a beautiful car for my daughter with a great price and great service. It's refreshing to know that you can still shop the old fashion way and that is with respect.

    Posted By: Mak Email: @

  • i had a very good experience from beginning to end. Very good follow-up, and friendliness. Did not feel high pressure. Marvin was awesome with his smiling personality, Frank went out of his way to make sure I was happy and Marvin also went above and beyond expectations!

    Posted By: Irshklly Email: 0

  • Can't say enough good things about these guys. Trevor, my salesman, was very easy to work with and the negotiating process was better than average. I would not hesitate to use them again.

    Posted By: Tod Email: 0

  • I was pleasantly surprised with my experience at Benz and Beemer. I felt more like I was working with a "New Dealership" as opposed to a "Used Dealership". The showroom was nice and the sales staff were good to work with. I had a few concerns after inspecting my used car and they were resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. The service department was knowledgeable and courteous. I would be happy to recommend Benz and Beemer to anyone looking for a higher end used car.

    Posted By: Dan A Email: @

  • Ryan was absolutely phenominal! A true professional, I would deal with Ryan again tomorrow. I would definitely purchase from Certified Benz and Beemer again, and specifically ask for Ryan Morgan. He made the car buying process actually somewhat enjoyable!

    Posted By: Rjwalls Email: @

  • This month, Sept. 2010 we bought our 3rd vehicle from this dealer in the last 2 years. All 3 were enjoyable experiences. Easy to use website to see inventory, the great seleciton of highline cars are all on an easy to navigate lot, comfortable offices and pleasant stall makes car buying a breeze. I recommend to anyone looking for a used vehicle.

    Posted By: Prs212 Email: @

  • I shopped extensively and could not find a deal that was remotely as good as the one certified Benz and Beemer gave me on my tundra. I am an experienced car buyer and appreciated their candor, customer service and keeping to their word! Thanks Ryan! I will definitely refer family and friends, In fact I already have.

    Posted By: Babloopuri Email: @

  • They were true to their word, did everything they said they were going to do and were friendly and professional. They understand customer service and go out of their way to provide it. I got a great deal and a great warranty on a used vehicle, why buy new when you can get a better price an great service for so much less.

    Posted By: Scott Email: @

  • Back in May 2010,I noticed a 2003 Porsche 911 on their website, as i live in canada, i was a bit skeptical about buying a car on-line. I asked for some info and got a reply from Glenn Roseman right away. I could not believe how clean the car looked on the web site and made an offer and purchased the car. I flew down to Phoenix and Glenn met me at the airport at 10:00 pm and gave me the keys to my new Porsche, He told me to come into the office and finish the paper work when I had a chance. I drove in and met all the folks at the dealership that weekend, and was impressed with the quality of the dealership and employees. I had a small problem with the car driving home to Canada and called Glenn, who handled the problem and i received a cheque for the parts right away. I would reccomend this dealership to all looking for a quality vehicle and will be calling when I am looking for a new car. Thanks Glenn

    Posted By: Dennis C. Email:

  • Marvin gave us the smoothest and easiest transaction ever in buying a used quality car. What a friendly, honest person. Lee's word was gold, and honored his quote for both the purchase and our trade-in. They had the best car by far anywhere in the Valley for the best price. Honest, fair and a superb car. Even the finance guy, Chris was pleasant to deal with. What a low stress way to buy a car!! Highly recommend. We drove all the way from Sedona. Definitely worth the drive.

    Posted By: Marilyn & Charlie Weaver Email:

  • We at AZ TOWN CAR would like to thank the staff and Sales dept. for a very laid back hassle free experience. Edwin Anima was a terrific salesman and a true professional.Thanks also to Lee Grubbs in the tower of power the negotiating with lee was easy and non stressfull, We both came to an equitable agreement.Brian in service you rock also. Thanks again team, Ty AZTOWNCAR

    Posted By: Ty Email:

  • I appreciate you guys awesome service. He lowered price on the car a lot, which seemed to be impossible but now we are leaving the office with great car that makes both me and my husband super happy. Thank you so much again, and I will come back for sure for my next car. Thank you again!

    Posted By: Sujin Email:

  • My husband and I purchased a 2009 HUMMER H3 from Trevor Gaiser. We loved the Truck but were more impressed with the service. We will highly recommend to all of our friends. Thank you guys!

    Posted By: Mr. and Mrs. Myers Email:

  • Well worth the drive from Tucson, Arizona. Was greeted with great respect as soon as arriving onto the dealership. Glenn provided with excellent service and help completely with financing. I have purchase other vehicles from other dealerships but this has been the best experience I have had all around.

    Posted By: Nicolas Email:

  • I have purchased over six cars in the last ten years, and this was the BEST customer service and painless financing transation to date! I am an online shop-a-holic, and prefer to buy EVERYTHING online without the hassle and in person haggle. Thomas was a pleasure to work with, everything was done prior to my actual visit, and it took me only two hours to get in, test drive, sign and drive off in my new vehicle! I would not hesitate to return in purchasing another vehicle in the near future. I commend your honest efforts and fair pricing over the net/phone and in person! Truly the best I have dealt with - please do not change a thing!

    Posted By: Terry Email: @

  • muy buen trato muy amables y muy buenos precios feliz con mi humeer

    Posted By: tony Email:

  • I must confess that I was skeptical in dealing with a smaller organization as opposed to a larger dealer. I soon found that my skepticism was greatly misplaced. Buying a car from Certified Benz & Beemer was easily the most pleasant car buying experience that I have ever had. Glenn, Lee and Gordon were outstanding in their ability to give a great overall customer experience. If you are looking at their website, reviewing their inventory and asking yourself, “this price and car seem to good to be true”, relax and go see them.

    Posted By: Mark Bland Email:

  • I tortured poor Marvin recently because I'm a pain in the butt when I buy a car. He was exceptionally patience and kept working on the deal where others would have simply moved on. Certified Benz and Beemer sold that car because of him. So if you are like me and need a new car, I would run over today and give him another dose. He can take it! :)

    Posted By: Ryan M Email:

  • great guys

    Posted By: tom Email:

  • Glenn Roseman helped me with the purchase of a vehicle for my wife's wedding anniversary gift. He went above and beyond to make my purchase a plesant experience and a smooth process. She loved it, thanks Glenn!

    Posted By: Rob Email:

  • Danny was been a great advisor and agent. I am from out of state and so he helped me from the beginning of the car selection, pick up at the airport, financing and processing. It has been a great experience and will highly recommend Certified Benz and Beemer for everybody. Thank you very much

    Posted By: Charles Han Email:

  • Purchased a 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche from Certified Benz & Beamers and was the exact truck I was looking for with every option at the best price in town! Glenn was awesome to work with and very patient during the process!

    Posted By: Alex Email:

  • Benz and Beemers are by far the best car lot in town period.I am one of the owners from Lexani Limousines and Danny is the best.We have bought many cars from different car lots and benz and beemers is the best.Thanks Danny

    Posted By: Justin Harte Email:

  • I recently bought a Chrysler 300 from Maggie at Certified Benz & Beemer. Working with Maggie was GREAT!!! She made buying the car I've been looking for so fast & easy. I would reccommend Certified Benz & Beemer to anyone looking for their dream car. I would also like to thank Gordon in finance for being so kind & friendly.

    Posted By: Rani S. Email:


    Posted By: MIKE MAHAFFEY Email:

  • We bought our Tahoe here because of the exceptional service and honesty and straight forwardness we experienced. Everyone was so kind and also treated our kids well. :) Thank you, Thank you..It was a great experience!Glenn Roseman and Lee grubs were great to work with!

    Posted By: Debbie Rettew Email:

  • My experience with Glenn Roseman was absolutely splendid. I have never purchased a vehicle in another state, and Glenn gave the confidence to continue with the process. He also responded to online application within 1 hour of completing the application. I would definately recommend Certified Benz & Beemer to my friends/family.

    Posted By: Reina Branum Email:

  • I recently purchased a BMW M3 from Trevor at Certified Benz & Beemer. I had been searching for the perfect M3 for months and finally found it on-line. Trevor was very responsive; provided additional photos and even arranged to have the car shipped to my home in Seattle. When the car arrived it was exactly as described. I would definitely recommend Benz & Beemer... just ask for Trevor.

    Posted By: Chad Email: 0

  • I bought a beautiful Mustang GT for my Husband's 40th birthday as a surprise. I am out of state and never saw the car in person. I trusted Glen when he said it was perfect. Even though I was a little nervous, I went for it. When it arrived at my house transported by Tracey the Transporter (who was also AWESOME) it was beyond my expectations. My husband has not stopped smiling. Highly reccommend!! More beautiful than expected. Great experience and definately will go through them again.!!! Marci from Tacoma

    Posted By: Marci Garrett Email:

  • I bought a car sight unseen from Florida based solely on Glenn and Steve's description which proved to be very accurate. Im very very happy and in fact the car was cleaner than I expected it to be... very honest group of guys... friendly and sincere.. highly recommend! Thanks again. Bryan.

    Posted By: Bryan Email:

  • It is with great pleasure I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Edwin, and the staff at Certified Benz & Beemer, for making the purchase of my 2009 Corvette ZR1 a gratifying, flawless experience. Edwin's continuous communication during the process, plus his follow-up calls after the delivery, reassured me, as an online purchaser, that I was dealing with a reputable organization that could be trusted. He seemed to have a genuine interest in my complete satisfaction. I believe that Edwin truly is an asset to Certified Benz & Beemer. Sending a significant amount of cash to another country for something you have never laid eyes on can be a little unnerving. The car arrived just as described in your listing. To say the least, I am thrilled to have it here in my garage awaiting spring to arrive. I will look forward to doing business with Certified Benz & Beemer again in the future. Edwin did lose a little credibility though, when he admitted that he's a Maple Leafs fan. As a Canadian I should support the Leafs but I just wish they would win a game!

    Posted By: Alex Email: ****

  • I bought a car from Maggie. I didn't know exactly what I wanted and she was very helpful in helping me select the right one - not the "typical" pushy car sales treatment.

    Posted By: Drew Email:

  • I recently purchased a vehicle from Marvin. Everything went smooth no problems at all. Thank you Benz & Beemer

    Posted By: cole james Email:

  • WOW!! This is the only place I will shop for cars going forward. These guys are the best. Glenn really took care of me and I got a great deal! I ended up buying two =)Thanks guys!!!

    Posted By: Rhonda Email:

  • I recently purchased an SUV from Danny. He was very patient and helpful. I am sending my daughter and son in law there tommarrow. I know they will be treated right. Larry Bismarck, ND

    Posted By: Larry Warren Email:

  • I just bought a car from Danny Quintana at Certified Benz and Beemer. I have bought cars before and this was by far the best experience buying a car that I have ever had. Thanks to Danny for being so considerate and professional. Kudos to Brian in service as well. I am a customer for life.Thanks Guys!

    Posted By: Doug and Susan Noble Email:

  • We found the vehicle on the web site and it was just as described. Once we arrived at the dealership we had a no hassle, no pressure, easy transaction. We would recommend it to our friends.

    Posted By: R. Allmond Email:

  • Had friends who had bought cars here and was interested to see what was available. Met Danny here and he showed me around to what's available in my price range and was very patient while checking out the different options. When I came back a few days later to see what was there the car I was looking for was gone but a better one had come in and Danny worked with me on getting a great deal.

    Posted By: Justin Email:

  • Danny was very helpful in finding the right car for my needs. He saw it through till the very end and worked hard to get me a good deal. I highly recommend that you come here for your next vehicle. I will be recommending Danny to my friends in the future.

    Posted By: Tony Email:

  • I just purcaches my second vehicle from Certified Benz & Beemer and would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a fair deal on a quality vehicle. Danny Quintana treated me fairly on both deals and both deals were positive experiences.

    Posted By: Brian Cracraft Email:

  • Certified Benz and Beemer and its staff were great. I purchased the car and had it delivered on the same day. This is a very professional team and I receommend to try them when wanting o purchase your next car. The Porsche GT2 is great and everything they said it would be. NO DISAPPOINTMENTS HERE!

    Posted By: Ron Kearney Email:

  • I want to thank Bob, Chris and Steve for their help on the purchase of my 06 3 Series. My wife and I came in twice and they made our experience very pleasurable. We will definetly refere others to your dealership.

    Posted By: Bryan Email: Dunn

  • My name is Gene. I purchased a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire from Bob Clark. I wasn't planning on purchasing a car, but Bob's never give up attitude put me over the hump. I will gladly refer Certified Benz and Beemer to my friends.

    Posted By: Gene Bakalars Email:

  • Danny Quintana has made a 16 year old and her mom the happiest ladies in Arizona. He was so charming and kind. He went out of his way to show us the important features of the Mini. We are so happy. We love you Danny.

    Posted By: Janis R. Williams Email:

  • Bob Clark did a terrific job helping us find the car we needed. He did everything he could to make it easy for us. Steve Gregory was also very helpful. They made it a great experience and we ended up buying two cars. Thanks fellas.

    Posted By: M Taylor Email:

  • Trevor at Benz and Beemer is by-far the "Best" car sales men I have ever worked with. His down to earth personality and vehicle knowledge is just one of the many reasons I chose this dealership to buy my BMW!

    Posted By: Brendon Email:

  • I would like to say thank you to Bob and Steve for assisting my husband and I on the purchase of ourtwo vehicles. We are very pleased with the transaction and will definetly refer our friends to your dealership. Thanks again, J. Taylor

    Posted By: J. Taylor Email:

  • I highly recommend Maggi Abbott at Benz & Beemer. She helped both myself and my husband in the purchase of our Escalade. She took the time to explain and follow through making the transaction comfortable for us. This was especially meaningful because my husband is currently deployed overseas and we are expecting our new baby in four months. Thanks Maggie and Gordon

    Posted By: Maria Guyer Email:

  • Certified Benz and Beemer worked with me in one of the most impossible deals and got it done!!! Glenn is a bull dog and didn't quit till he got what it took .. Thanks Glenn and Ivan

    Posted By: Shane M Email:

  • I would recommend this dealer and especially Danny to my friends. We went in on a Saturday and were not able to do anything, and I thought that we were done looking. But Danny kept looking for us and found us our truck and made it happen. He continued to work for us even we gave up on our search. He called me on a Monday and my wife drove home in her new (for us) 2007 Tahoe and she is very happy. These guys will get my next car sale too, and as many friends I can send thier way.

    Posted By: Ben & Erica Logue Email:

  • We were looking for a couple of weeks and dealt with 7 dealerships before finding a Hummer at CBB. Our sales person, Ivan, was courteous, attentive and worked extremely hard to put a package together quickly that we are very happy with. The "typical" car buying pain was not the case and the honesty and sincerity was impressive. We were equally impressed with the finance experience as we weren't hounded to purchase additional coverage or other add on's found at other dealerships. Overall a 10 out of 10 buying experience. Thank you to all who helped! James and Debra

    Posted By: J & D Wright Email:



  • I have been wanting a BMW for quite some time. I had noticed the nice selection of certified BMW's and Mercedes, along with an abundant selection of other nice previously owned vehicles. The real clencher??? My favorite salesman Edwin Anima joined the wonderful team at CBB. He is such a well versed and patient salesman; He will help you find exactly what it is you want, and definitely for a good price. He has joined a group of people that I can only describe as the most helpful and knowledgable experts on each and every brand of vehicle there. Special thanks to Matthew, for his amazing tutorial on my Beemer, and ALL the rest of the supportive staff at CBB!! Save yourself some time and money folks!!... Drop by CBB and experience what it is to have REAL service from a REAL group of professionals!

    Posted By: Joleen Moehle Email:

  • We bought a BMW X3 about a month ago. Glen was the person that I worked with at the dealership. He went out of his way to make this deal happen and it is one of the best cars that I have owned. I would recommend the sales and service highly especially Glen and the service manager, you won't go wrong purchasing a vehicle from CBB.

    Posted By: Joe Krstulich Email:

  • Buying a car can be stressful and scary, especially when you live in another stateo r country. The staff at Certified especially Glenn Roseman, and Trevor Gaiser, made that process simple, and stress free. I have purchased some 20 cars in the past and, by far this purchase was the best!! I strongly reccomend you call them first and experience great service and the best price, IN ANY STATE!

    Posted By: Scott Email:

  • Ivan, Just wanted to thank you again for helping me get my truck and teaching me how to drive it ;) I really love it and it was a great help with my move. I'm almost a pro with the stick-shift now too. I've referred you to several co-workers and will come to you in the future to buy my next vehicle. Thanks again. Amy

    Posted By: Amy Shennib Email:

  • I just can't say thank you enough to Glenn and the rest of the staff at CBB for taking the stress, fear and anxeity out of the car buying process for me. As I single woman I used to dread the entire process, but they have made it such a pleasure that I just bought my second car from Glenn. He is very kind and patient and takes the time to explain everything clearly and to answers all of your questions. And I got a terrific price on the car of my dreams. Thanks long as you are working there, I will never buy a car anywhere else!

    Posted By: Shari Email:

  • Very good service Danny was awesome, i will come back for my other BMW next time here.

    Posted By: Luis Roman Email:

  • As an out of state buyer from cross country matter of fact, I seen the car I was looking for.I telephone and spoke with Glen(salesperson)he assured me that the car look better than the pictures and that I would be very happy with the car.Glen had made an great offer and I couldnot refuse,also Glen arrange shipping and necesary paperwork.When the car arrive it was Christmas as a kid again, All I do now is wash and watch my new car.Also had the pleasure of doing business with sales mgr.Steve Gregory who was just awesome to talk with and Gordon who also had a hand in making buying a car long distance a good experience. the whole staff made it good.thanks.I would not hesitate to buy another vehicle from Benz and Beamer. Thanks again,Gilbert

    Posted By: Gilbert Email:

  • Everyone here was friendly right from the first moment - Marvelous Marvin answered the phone and was informative and personable. I think I was introduced to the entire staff - and everyone had a smile on their face. I didn't feel pressured at all - and I believe I got the best deal on the market!

    Posted By: Laura Sidney Email:

  • I saw a $165,000 Hummer H1 on the internet for sale at Certified Benz and Beemer, called Matthew Bromberger, caught an airplane to Mesa, AZ, and drove it to a shipping company in Long Beach, CA. Now its on its way to Qingdao ("TsingTao") China to its ultimate owner. This very special upgraded H1 was everything the ad described. Above all, the level of service at this dealership was top-notch, a very pleasent buying experience.

    Posted By: Warren Email:

  • My husband and I worked with Glen to purchase a used BMW. Glen was fantastic to work with and made purchasing a car a very pleasurable experience! He gave it his all to get us the car we wanted and he did a great job in doing so. I love my car but will certainly go back and buy another vehicle from Certified Benz & Beemers. The entire staff treated us like family! I have already recommended CBB to friends who loved my car, and yes, their prices were much lower then anywhere else we looked. Thank you to CBB for making me a happy girl!

    Posted By: Michelle Mahenski Email:

  • we had such a wonderful experience buying our Nissan Titan from certified Benz & Beemer. One of the managers Steven Gregory showed us such good customer service & treated us very fairly. We would definitely return for future purchases & would recommend them to our friends & family. They really went out of there way to make our car buying experience a real pleasure. Thank you!!!!!

    Posted By: David Email:

  • Last month I was shopping around for a BMW z4. Every ad from other dealers stated that the cars were perfect! They were nice. I was a little hesitant to drive all the way down to Mesa to look at another car. I'm so glad I did. It was the nicest one I looked at all month, every option out there and priced below value. The guys there were awesome and listened to everything I wanted and made it happen. I'd like to say i'd buy another car from them, but I love the one I have. Great staff, impeccable cars, great deals. You Can't go wrong. Enjoy the drive

    Posted By: Todd Snyder Email:

  • when I entered the dealership I met up with Marvin,was treated the way I wasnt expecting. he listened and showed me what I was looking for, I purchased A 300 and was happy with the dealership,salesman,and my 300.thanks and I have already passed you and this dealership to all the people i know who are in the market. thanks marvin.

    Posted By: Steve Erickson Email:

  • I recently purchased a 750Li from your dealership. Marvin was awesome to deal with. He was honest and very helpful. I never expected this out of state purchase to go so smoothly. He did everything he said and even more. I hope to do business with him again in the future. Thanks for everything!

    Posted By: Deanndra Jardina Email:

  • Due to countless negative and aggrevating dealership sales experiences, I have avoided them like the plague, that was until I spoke to Marvelous Marvin on the phone last week. We immediately hit it off and the whole car buying experience and trade in was actually fun. Who would have thought that possible? Not me! Rest assured, I am happy to hand out your cards to family and friends knowing they will be treated as they should and get a great price on a fabulous car. When I am in need of another car, hands down I am coming back to your dealership. Thanks Marvin - you are the best!

    Posted By: Aimee Email:

  • As out of town buyers, it was a pleasure doing buisiness with Marvin. He worked hard to get the price, where it needed to be. He has a great sence of humour and I look forward to meeting him when we pick up the vehicle.

    Posted By: Dave Wark Email:

  • We purchased our car about a month ago. We are loving it. Thanks so much to Rick and Steven for their professionalism, Knowledge, and accountability. They treated us as we were family. We will certainly refer our family and friends to your dealership. Most caring sales agents we have ever dealt with!

    Posted By: Mohsen and Mani Fazlian Email:

  • I flew to Phoenix from Canada to purchase a car from Mathew. It was everything he promised and the folks at CBB took care of ensuring all the paperwork I needed to cross the border was sent to the right people. Mathew's great service made this a very fun experience.

    Posted By: Clay Thompson Email:

  • I've purchased three Mercedes & one Hummer from Jack now and the process has been quick, easy, and painless. No pressure, no games, just good honest deals.

    Posted By: David Email:

  • Thank you Rick and Marvin, you were both a pleasure to deal with. We love our BMW M3.

    Posted By: John M. Email:

  • Great dealership, friendly staff, highly recommended! I was in and out within 30 mins. I, especially, want to thank Marvin for all his patience and help throughout the whole process. I also want to thank Lee and Chris for making things possible! Thank you guys!!!

    Posted By: Polly Email:

  • This was the shortest amount of time that I have ever spent in a dealership to purchase a vehicle. The customer service was excellent, the reps were professional with quality service. Thanks!

    Posted By: Theresa Basil Email:

  • I purchased a BMW Convertible today and the reason was the satisfaction and treatment I received from your salesman Matt Bromberger. The quality of service and the car got the sale done. Can't say anymore what a great experience I had. Thanks!

    Posted By: JoEllen Johnson Email:

  • Best experience we've ever had with a dealership. Rick and Maggie were very honest and helpful

    Posted By: Patrick Zawacky Email:

  • They had a great selection of high end European cars, their prices were very competitive, and their sales style was laid back. It was the perfect combination and I drove away in a beautiful black Mercedes.

    Posted By: Randy Hilarides Email:

  • I just purchased a beautiful Benz today from Rick Storey. The process was extremely easy and completely hassle-free. Rick was very attentative and not at all pushy. Their store was busy and I know why...they are professional, have the right product to today's buyers and know how to run a business. I will buy again.

    Posted By: Steve Wise Email:

  • We had a very satisfying buying experience at CB&B. Our sales rep Griffin was helpful, non- pressuring, accomodating and patient. The rest of the staff we met, management and finance, seemed very helpful too. The dealership let us take the car overnight to facilitate the independent pre-purchase inspection we wanted and give us a chance to drive the car for a day. That was a key factor in our decision to buy the car from CB&B. We got a great car at a great price without much stress.

    Posted By: Scott V. Email: scottv

  • We drove by while testing another dealerships vehicle and decided that we were going to stop. I was glad that we did, I found the perfect car and they worked to finance me within my budget. Thanks to Maggi our sales rep. for going out of her way to be here on her day off!!

    Posted By: Dario Email:

  • My experience here was a very pleasant one. The staff, in particular Matthew, were very informed and helpful with every step of the process. In the future I will return as a customer. Thank you.

    Posted By: Eric P Email: Eric

  • The Service her from the initial call to final documents was the fastest, most friendly that I have ever had (having bought and sold in excess of 18 vehicles). The truck is flawless and at a great price!

    Posted By: Nicholas Email: Hilton

  • Danny was such a pleasure to work with. He made "buying a car" a pleasant and enjoyable experience! We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends!!! Thank you!

    Posted By: K & C Summer Email: KCSummer

  • We had a very satisfactory experience at Certified Benz & Beemer. We had Matthew as a sales person and he was knowledgeable, kind, and very easy to work with. They washed the car before we drove it off the lot and that was nice. An over all very good experience.

    Posted By: J McGuire Email: JMcGuire

  • Hi, Marvin helped me out the last time I bought my car so I decided to come back, very pleasant and helpful.

    Posted By: Candice Email: C

  • I have bought many cars over the years and have found Benz & Beemer very high on my list. The staff is friendly, courteous and show that they care. Dennis my salesman was great and will recommend my friends and family for their future car purchases as well. They make it a simple process and not the normal miserable used car experience. I will be back within a year for my new Hummer.

    Posted By: Mike Email: Mike@Land4less.US

  • Glenn Roseman and the internet department made buying a car from another state simple, without hassle and stress.They took care of everything, including financing and even had the vehicle delivered to my house! Five star service at wholesale prices!

    Posted By: B Matthews Email:

  • I want to thank Mr. Marvin and especially Mr. Lee for the excelent, knowledge, and service. I will recommend the dealership to all my friends and family members. Thank you Marvin - a great salesman.

    Posted By: Ida G Email: Ida

  • Thank you. I felt very comfortable with buying this car. No pressure and I am very happy with the vehicle I'm buying. I would be happy to send any of my friends or family here. Thank you.

    Posted By: Jason B Email: JasonB

  • I am very impressed with the courtesy and the knowledge of your staff. I bought a BMW from your dealership a few weeks ago and dealt with Matthew and Marvin. I'll be back in a few months to look at an SL or a similar MBZ.

    Posted By: Christiane E Email: ChristaneE

  • My mom and I went to Certified Benz and Beemer last month looking for a car for me, and the service was AWESOME. The saleman we had, Glenn, took the time to show us all the cars and find me a car I really liked. The staff stayed like 2 hours after closing just to help us. Not only did I leave with a car, but my mom did, too. I definitely recommend Certified Benz and Beemer :

    Posted By: Brittany Smith Email:

  • We had such a wonderful experience here at Benz & Beemer. Glenn was totally awesome & so was Rick. We appreciated the honesty as you don't find that in dealerships much anymore. We also enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere where it was down to earth. I don't like going into dealerships that are decorated to the hilt & you know that your paying for that in the cost of your car.We will definitely be back to do business again. Look forward to future business.

    Posted By: Betty Johnson Email:

  • Griffin was absolutly amazing!! Won't ever buy from anyone else!

    Posted By: Sara Email: Connelly

  • Thank you! You have made this transaction very pleasant. Danny is a great guy, he is a pleasure in every aspect. I really appreciate it so much. Do not let Danny go anywhere, he made a difference for me. Thank you again, and thank you Danny!!!

    Posted By: Juan D. Email:

  • This is my second time buying a car from a car dealership and I can tell you, it was a pleasure working with Keith Stone. He made me feel very much at ease when I was nervous about going car hunting this time around. I would recommend Keith and Benz & Beemer to my friends. Keith was personable, patient and knowledgeable about the car he sold to me. Thanks Keith!

    Posted By: Angela J. Email:

  • We felt comfortable from the time we called and spoke with Dennis & Maggie. When we came in everyone welcomed us and was very helpful. They really pulled together a great deal for us on our 03 Yukon. We just want to thank Gordan, Dennis and Maggie for all their help and support. We will always come here first for our vehicle needs in the future. Thank you.

    Posted By: Rrick & Diandra Gunning Email:

  • Hey guys, after a couple of horrific examples of salesmanship I am thankful that I found your dealership.
    Rick Storey was most courteous, helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
    I would gladly refer anyone in need of a helpful, nice salesman to visit CBB!

    Posted By: Debra R. Email:

  • These guys have it on the ball and didn't make me wait hours. Great job and we bought 2 cars that day.

    Posted By: Andrew Email:

  • Very professional, and very satisfied. Would score them a perfect 10.

    Posted By: S Boneva Email:

  • We bought our dream car at a great deal from great people, nuff said. Thank you.

    Posted By: J & B Streck Email: JBStreck

  • We were very satisfied with Benz & Beemer. They were able to find us a vehicle that fit our needs for the financial situation we were in. On top of that we were able to do all of this with a 2 year old! He was kept busy by the golf, donuts and water you provided. Thank you.

    Posted By: B & D Wilson Email:

  • Thank you for getting me into this Acura CL-S. I'm pleased with the fair deal you gave me on a solid car. Your "no pressure" approach to facilitating my independent mechanic check-out was a key aspect of us being able to complete this transaction. In addition Rick Story was a pleasure to work with, on a type of purchase I always find challenging. I look forward to shopping you for my future purchases and you can bet that I'll be making referrals to your business.

    Posted By: J. Knudson Email:

  • I look for four things when dealing with any organization; good information, a friendly atmosphere, knowledgable assistance, and quality service. Your website provided me the information I needed when I started my search for a car. Everyone I dealt with, from the person answering the telephone to all the employees I came in touch with made me feel welcome. Mathew found the right car for me and was able to explain every detail about the car. I had not intended to test the service department right away, but this is not a perfect world and things happen. Bryan and the service department were very attentive to my concerns. Hopefully I wont need to use the warranty, but it does provide peace of mind. E Hooper.

    Posted By: E. Hooper Email:

  • 1) I heard of this company from the internet and it's a high quality company.
    2) It has really nice service.
    3) We got a pretty nice deal.

    Posted By: Y Zhang Email:

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